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Zu­sam­men mit Prof. Shang-da Yang aus Tai­wan forscht Prof. Clara Sa­ra­ce­no vom Lehr­stuhl "Pho­to­nics and Ul­tra­f­ast Laser Sci­ence" seit kur­zem auf dem Ge­biet der ul­tra­vio­let­ten La­ser­tech­nik sowie der leis­tungs­star­ken La­ser­quel­len im Tera­hertz (THz).

Trotz un­ter­schied­li­cher An­wen­dungs­be­rei­che, ver­bin­det die bei­den For­scher eines: they have a com­mon need for high aver­a­ge power, ul­tra­f­ast laser sour­ces with very short pulse du­ra­ti­ons (<30 fem­to­se­conds). The re­se­arch tar­get of the group of Prof. Yang at NTHU is to achie­ve ta­ble-top ex­tre­me ul­tra­vio­let (EUV) la­sers at 13.5 nm to meet the EUV pho­to­li­tho­gra­phy era of se­mi­con­duc­tor ma­nu­fac­tu­ring in­dus­try. On the other hand, the group of Prof. Sa­ra­ce­no tar­gets to achie­ve high-power sour­ces of Tera­hertz (THz) ra­dia­ti­on for ti­me-do­main spec­trosco­py.

The group of Prof. Sa­ra­ce­no spe­cia­li­zes in high-aver­a­ge power ul­tra­f­ast la­sers based on the thin-disk tech­no­lo­gy, which in spite of de­li­ver­ing re­cord high power le­vels of se­ver­al hund­reds of watts, can only pro­du­ce 'long' pul­ses with >>100 fem­to­se­conds. On the other hand, Prof. Yang pionee­red the area of pulse com­pres­si­on using the MPC tech­ni­que, which is ide­al­ly sui­ted to com­press these la­sers in a sim­ple and ef­fi­ci­ent geo­me­try. Howe­ver, this pro­mi­sing tech­ni­que re­mains wi­de­ly un­ex­plo­red at very high aver­a­ge power. In this joint re­se­arch pro­ject, they want to ex­plo­re the pos­si­bi­li­ties of­fe­red by the mul­ti-pla­te tech­ni­que to com­press the pul­ses of a high power thin-disk laser ca­pa­ble of ge­ne­ra­ting hund­reds of watts of aver­a­ge power. The re­sul­ting sys­tem de­li­ver­ing very short pul­ses (<30 fs) and hund­reds of watts of aver­a­ge power would re­pre­sent a si­gni­fi­cant ad­van­ce in laser tech­no­lo­gy, as well as pro­vi­de a uni­que tool for both re­se­arch groups re­se­arch goals.(Photo: sdyang)

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