Electronic Circuits

Designing new concepts for electronic circuits with active and passive components and optimizing entire systems with electronic functions is the focus of the Institute of Electronic Circuits headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Musch. The researchers are developing precise multiphysical simulation methods for the various areas of application. They build prototypes and measure them to design robust and reliable circuit systems. The institute has complete technological and metrological equipment to cover all steps on the way to implementation and testing.

Our researchers in Bochum are optimizing precise sensor systems for industrial use, particularly with wireless communication and sensor concepts that work at very high frequencies. Examples of research in industrial measurement and high-frequency technology are:

Highly stable frequency generators with extremely small time jitter (fluctuation) under 100 femtoseconds
Precision radar systems up to 90 gigahertz for industrial and automotive applications
Chemical analysis systems using microsystems and plasma technology
Antenna systems for non-contact sensors and for communication technology
Multi-sensor systems for determining critical process parameters

The researchers work on these projects in close cooperation with industrial partners and in funded joint research projects. The strong experimental orientation of the institute enables a variety of interdisciplinary links within the faculty and beyond.




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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Musch 
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