Practical projects and Bachelor and Master theses can be started at any time if the requirements are met.

There is the possibility of working on separate topics in research projects, ranging from the simulation and design of systems to their implementation in the clean room.

The main questions concern innovative applications in current fields of microelectronics and microsystem technology, their simulation, design and manufacture, construction and programming of automated measuring stations as well as the characterization of components and systems. In accordance with the interdisciplinary nature of microsystem technology, the main topics of the work are just as suitable for engineering students (electrical engineering and mechanical engineering) as for those studying natural sciences, especially chemistry and physics.

The necessary training is taken into account when setting the task, so that the work can be completed within the specified deadlines; Registration takes place as soon as work begins at the chair. A completion of the thesis within the semester is guaranteed if the start is timely.
In the laboratory, support is usually provided by scientific staff, and Dr.-Ing. Claudia Bock, Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Wieser and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Hoffmann available.

Subject areas / research focus:

  • Fluid microsystems; Microsystem technology in the application area of ​​biology and medicine
    Contact:  M. Sc. Anna Thewes

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