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General information: Ge­ne­relly, every module examination can be deregistered twice over your course of studies (see exemption below).  

Deadlines: The deregistration deadline is 14 days prior to the examination date. 

Deregistration process:
- Written exams are deregistered via your own FlexNow Account.  Only if the deregistration via FlexNow is not possible due to technical difficulties, you can deregister via email. In this case, plese send an email from your own RUB account stating your matriculation number, your name and the exam you want to deregister within the deadline to pruefungsamt(at)
- Oral exams are deregistered by the examination office, if it is not possible to deregister via your FlexNow Account. To deregister via the examination board, you need an email of your examiner (or of someone from the chair who is involved in the organisation of exams) stating your individual examination date. If you haven't arranged an examination date, this has to be stated in the email. Afterwards, you forward your examiner's email, including your matriculation number, your name and the exam you want to deregister, to pruefungsamt(at)

Bachelor's students studying according to the examination regulations 2020 please note the following: if a module examination is first registered in the 1st and 3rd semester, deregistration is only possible with permit from the examination board. The application deadline is 14 days before the exam date. 


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