Withdrawing from exams

Withdrawal due to illness

When you are sick, your recovery is more important than the exam. Only take the exam if you are feeling well enough. Please note that exam nerves or chronical, irreversible diseases are not considered a reason to withdraw from an exam due to illness. If the impairment is not temporary, you may be eligible for a compensation. In this case, please contact the examination office in time. 


Doctor's note

If you are not able to take an exam due to illness, you need a doctor's note based on a medical examination which confirms that you are not able to take the exam on that very day. The doctor's note has to include the following: confirmation of illness, your immatriculation number, and the name of the examination subject. Certificates of incapacity are not accepted. 

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology has its own form for the doctor's note: At­test­for­mu­lar. The filled out form has to be turned in to the examination office not later than 7 calendar days after the examination day. Currently you can turn in the doctor's note by email via your own RUB account. However, it is important that you keep the original doctor's note in case the examination office asks you to submit the original. 

Taking an exam despite having a doctor's note

If you take an exam despite having a doctor's note, the results are counted and the doctor's note is no longer valid. 



Cancelling an exam

Starting the exam you declare that you feel able to take the exam. In case you fall ill during the exam, immediately tell the supervisor you have to stop the xam due to illness. Afterwards, immediately go see a doctor. File a request for withdrawal and submit it to the examiniation office within seven calendar days. To do so you have to submit a doctor's note that confirms that you were not able to take the exam and the acute onset if the illness. It also has to state the exact point of time of the medical examination. The audit committee decides whether your request is granted.

Withdrawal for good reason

Withdrawing from an exam for good reason (not illness) is only possible with a written request and if there are extraordinary occurences that can be proven. The audit committee examines the reasons for the withdrawal. If they are verified the candidate is excused from the exam. 


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