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Our master's students who are drawn to the country of endless possibilities can participate in the faculty's exchange programme in the USA. At Purdue University in West Lafayette (Indiana), you can visit courses and get to know the American university life over the course of one semester. Below, you will find information about our exchange programme in the USA. Additionally, you can visit our information events "Auslandsstudium und Austauschprogramme der Fakultät", which are held every semester. The dates for the information events are announced on the website of the student advising service. All students who are intersted are welcome!



Exchange Programme with Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana, USA)

Since September 1979, students of our faculty have been studying successfully at the College of Engineering of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. The exchange semester in Purdue can be completed during the summer or the winter semester. 


Who is suited for an exchange to Purdue University?

The exchange programme with Purdue University is intended for students in the first year of their master's. The place will be given to students of "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" and "Lasers and Photonics" only.

How many places are available per academic year?
1 place

What are the required language skills? 
Good knowledge of the English language (B2 or higher is recommended).

Will the academic achievements and examination results be credited for the degree in Bochum?

It is recommended to enquire about the course catalogue of the partner universitiy before the application. The possible crediting of academic achievements and examination results will be discussed before the departure so that they can be integrated into your study programme. The courses have to be taken at the College of Engineering.

How will the stay at Purdue University be financed?

When participating in the cooperation with Purdue University, the tuition fees will be paid for (around $20,000). The rest of the exchange has to be paid for by yourself or you can apply for the financing programmes of RUB. For one exchange semester in Purdue you should expect costs of around $6,000.

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