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The Simply Complex Lab embodies a unique blend of characteristics that define its approach and scope. Our research is intradisciplinary, as we delve into the intricate dynamics of complex systems, aiming to comprehend the emergence and evolution of their structure, behaviour, features, and properties. At the same time, our perspective is crossdisciplinary, encompassing fundamental principles and practical applications across various scientific domains.

Our team comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, including physicists, chemists, biologists, mathematicians, and engineers, fostering a multidisciplinary environment where different perspectives converge. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to synthesise knowledge from various fields, enhancing our understanding of experimental and theoretical findings.

Our work extends beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, embracing a transdisciplinary ethos. We employ a wide array of experimental setups, ranging from vacuum systems to advanced microscopy and laser technologies. Our investigations span an extensive spectrum of materials, from laser pulses, atoms, nanoparticles, colloids, live organisms, semiconductors, and beyond. This comprehensive approach enables us to explore the behaviour of complex systems across different scales and modalities.

Our overarching goal is to develop a unified mathematical framework that encapsulates the operational principles underlying complex systems. Through meticulous experimentation and theoretical modelling, we aim to uncover the governing dynamics of these systems, paving the way for transformative insights and advancements in science and technology.

Our research endeavours are made possible through the generous support of several esteemed funding agencies and organisations. Expressly, we gratefully acknowledge funding from the European Research Council (ERC), the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie program. We sincerely thank these funding bodies for their invaluable contributions, which have been instrumental in advancing our research pursuits and fostering scientific excellence.

Postal Address

Ruhr University Bochum
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and
Information Technology
Simply Complex Lab
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Universitätsstraße 150
D-44801 Bochum


Room: ID 1/343
Phone: (+49) (0) 234 32 - 27645
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Email: office-scl(at)
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Prof. Dr. Serim Ilday
Room: ID 1/347
Phone: (+49) (0) 234 32 - 24481
Email: serim.ilday(at)

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