Our clean rooms

The chair for microsystems technology has facilities for the preparation of semiconductor micro- and nanostructures.
These include, among others:

Oxidizing ovens
Plasma incinerator
Spin coater
Laser lithography system  (structure widths > 600 nm)
Scanning electron miscroscope / electron beam lithography system
Inert gas glove box with spin coater and Ozone Cleaner
Plasma etching machine (ICP-RIE)    
Evaporation systems
Wafer saws
Plasma coating system (ICPECVD)
Tempering systems
Scoring device

During the preparation, the components and systems are characterized with the following devices:

  •   optical miscroscopes
  •   Ellipsometer
  •   Interference microscope
  •   Confocal microscope
  •   Scanning probe microscopes (AFM, MFM)

Several cryostats (temperature range: 300 mK to 500 K) and electromagnets and superconducting magnets (up to 17 T) are available for magnetic field-dependent and temperature-dependent measurements. The electrical characterization is carried out using semiconductor parameter analyzers, lock-in technology (up to f = 200 MHz) and capacitance-voltage measuring devices.

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