Final theses

Master thesis (Lasers and Photonics)

Registration of the master thesis

1. Checking the requirements for registration

For the registration of the master thesis, completed modules in total of 80 credit points must be shown via the data sheet in FlexNow. The registration of the thesis with less than the specified credit points is not possible. Credit points from voluntary additional modules are not taken into account.

2. Starting the registration process

After consultation with the examiner, you can register your thesis at the examination office. For the registration please use only the editable registration form  for master theses of the faculty ETIT.

1. Enter all required information digitally in the editable PDF in the form fields:     
1.1. Select your exam regulation on the top.       
1.2. Fill out the section "Student: Registration of the master thesis" completely. If no academic staff member (e.g. a PHD student) has been assigned to you as a direct supervisor, please enter "No supervisor has been assigned to me" in the corresponding field.
1.3. You can already enter the title of your master thesis as a suggestion in the section "1. examiner". Keep in mind that the examiner can change or adapt the title.
1.4. Add your name to the file name as follows: registration_master thesis_last name_first name
2. Send the form from your RUB mail account including the information about the email addresses of your first examiner and secretary, your second examiner (if known), direct supervisor (if assigned) to pruefungsamt(at)

The examination office forwards the registration form to the examiners and contacts you as soon as all information is available to complete the registration process. The final registration will then take place in step 3.

3. Completing the registration process
1. The examination office will contact you by email to set the start and submission date and will email you the form for signature on that day. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not set as start and submission dates.
2. Send the signed form from your RUB mail account back to pruefungsamt(at) Your master thesis is now registered.

Submission of the master thesis

The written documentation of the Master`s thesis must be uploaded via FlexNow. You can find instructions here.

A maximum of one file can be uploaded. This must be in PDF or PDFa format and may not exceed 100 MB in size.

Students can only send the thesis by e-mail to if there are demonstrable technical difficulties in uploading the thesis via FlexNow. The examiners will be contacted in CC. The specified submission deadlines still apply.

Postal Address

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