Antennas and Antenna Systems

Antennas form the interface between high-frequency transmitting and receiving circuits and wireless transmission through the room. Depending on the application, the requirements placed on the systems differ significantly. In the area of ​​developing antenna solutions for communication systems, there is a particular interest in the use of UWB technology (Ultra Wideband) and MIMO technology (Multiple Input Multiple Output). With a view to mobile use with a limited integration volume for the antennas, miniaturization technologies play a decisive role

When researching antennas for industrial radar systems, a major focus of the work is the investigation of dielectric antenna concepts. The use of dielectric materials is important for aggressive media and for applications with high hygiene requirements, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Using electromagnetic field calculations based on the finite element method and the FDTD method, multi-channel antenna concepts for radar distance measurement are investigated. In addition, group antennas for imaging radar systems represent another interesting research area.

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