Mo­dern Microsco­py

A microsco­pe is a ty­pi­cal tool to ana­ly­ze tiny struc­tu­res. Wi­de­ly used in sci­ence and in­dus­try, microsco­py is im­portant in re­se­arch of ty­pi­cal­ly small mo­dern de­vices and ob­jects. Be­cau­se of the on­go­ing mi­ni­a­tu­riza­t­i­on of se­mi­con­duc­tor and me­cha­ni­cal de­vices, the need for high re­so­lu­ti­on microsco­pes is still growing. It is our aim to im­pro­ve known microsco­py tech­ni­ques and re­se­arch new ones.

We rea­li­zed a fle­xi­ble con­fo­cal laser scan­ning microsco­pe (CLSM) to ana­ly­ze se­mi­con­duc­tor ma­te­ri­als in re­flec­tion and in micro-pho­to­lu­mi­nescence mode. The ca­pa­bi­li­ty to quick­ly chan­ge the laser sour­ces, ob­jec­tives and fil­ters al­lows a wide range of ex­pe­ri­ments with dif­fe­rent kinds of sam­ples. Cur­rent pro­jects im­ple­ment phase based me­thods to im­pro­ve the axial re­so­lu­ti­on, using syn­er­gy ef­fects of the re­se­arch pro­jects in the field of ho­lo­gra­phy and op­ti­cal co­he­rence to­mo­gra­phy (OCT). Using va­rious com­bi­na­ti­ons of pin­ho­le, ob­jec­tive and light sour­ce, the fol­lowing spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons can be ar­chi­ved:

  • 250nm la­te­ral re­so­lu­ti­ons
  • 50nm up to 100µm axial re­so­lu­ti­on
  • Laser sour­ces: Diode la­sers (405nm, 660nm and 1064nm), HeNe Laser and Ti:Sa Laser (700nm to 900nm)

Fi­gu­re 1: CLSM


Fi­gu­re 2: Test chart with struc­tu­res of 400nm, 350nm and 300nm size

Fi­gu­re 3: Star on a 1 € coin

Fur­ther­mo­re, a con­trast en­han­ce­ment me­thod was de­ve­lo­ped which enables also high qua­li­ty ima­ging of struc­tu­res with a low height and low con­trast [1].

In the last years, we were able to im­pro­ve the mul­ti­modal ima­ging of bu­ried struc­tu­res and thus can for ex­amp­le me­a­su­re the in­te­gra­ted cir­cuits of a micro­con­trol­ler (see Fi­gu­re 4). In ad­di­ti­on to the re­flec­tion in­for­ma­ti­on of the con­fo­cal microsco­pe, op­ti­cal beam in­du­ced cur­rent (OBIC) can be used as a com­ple­men­ting con­trast me­cha­nism. In OBIC a laser in­du­ces car­riers in se­mi­con­duc­tor ma­te­ri­al which can be me­a­su­red as a cur­rent [2,3].

Fi­gu­re 4: Con­fo­cal image of bu­ried struc­tu­res of a micro­con­trol­ler me­a­su­red through the si­li­con sub­stra­te.

An im­portant sub­ject is the ana­ly­sis of se­mi­con­duc­tor ma­te­ri­als, es­pe­ci­al­ly the III/V se­mi­con­duc­tors for op­ti­cal in­te­gra­ted cir­cuits. The micro-pho­to­lu­mi­nescence mode al­lows spec­tral ima­ging in the range of 400nm to 1700nm.

Fi­gu­re 5: 200µm x 200µm se­mi­con­duc­tor samp­le in re­flec­tion mode

Fi­gu­re 6: 200µm x 200µm se­mi­con­duc­tor samp­le in pho­to­lu­mi­nescence mode


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Fur­ther Re­fe­ren­ces:

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