Imaging Radar Systems and MIMO Radar

A large area of research within radar technology is represented by imaging radar systems. On the basis of several measurements a two- or three-dimensional image is generated, which shows the reflection amplitude of a measurement object in a spatially resolved manner. The applications for these imaging processes range from industrial tasks, such as the measurement of a cone of material, to the geodetic measurement of the earth's surface and its height structure.

Imaging radar systems usually either work with several transmit and receive channels (MIMO radar, multiple input multiple output), which are attached at different positions, or use the SAR method (synthetic aperture radar). In this method, the individual transmitting and/or receiving antenna is moved along a defined trajectory in order to use digital signal processing to process all measurements into an image. The advantage of these systems are to bring all distances in one focus, different to optical cameras, relying on lenses for focussing the objects. Our main research on these topics lies on the one hand in the simulation and design of optimized MIMO antenna structures for radar systems that are used in level measurement technology and on the other hand in the signal processing that is necessary to use SAR methods in a wide variety of contexts.

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