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ForLab PICT2DES examines 2D materials in order to develop novel microelectronic components.

As part of the ForLab PICT2DES, a cluster tool for researching new 2D materials, their processing and integration into systems is to be purchased. The new facility enables the investigation of different processes for the production of highly sensitive 2D materials. The challenges here are the low-defect deposition and structuring of the materials as well as increasing the reliability of components and systems. The aim is to develop new electronic systems based on 2D integration, which can be used in numerous future-oriented areas. As a result, the research location Bochum will continue to be able to operate internationally at the highest level.

Universities are a central innovation factor in research-intensive microelectronics. Research at the highest international level should be made possible through investments in the most modern equipment and systems at universities. Twelve "Research Laboratories Microelectronics Germany" are to open up new research fields for the microelectronics of the future and train young scientists with state-of-the-art equipment. The "Research Laboratories Microelectronics Germany" network with each other and with external partners for better scientific exchange and stronger cooperation.

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