Career Prospect

There is a huge demand for young professionals and photonic experts in both industry and research facilities. Your knowledge and soft skills acquired in the master’s programme are highly valued in many high-tech companies that develop technical solutions and products in the fields of lasers and photonics.

A Master of Science (M.Sc.) in “Lasers and Photonics” can put you in a good position in many areas, such as

  • laser technology
  • bio-photonics
  • automotive
  • laser material processing
  • manufacturing
  • communication technology
  • optical measurement technology
  • optoelectronic devices.

Moreover, the potential of optical technologies is far from being exhausted. Lasers and photonics promise to be key technologies for future technological solutions in areas like energy and environment, production, mobility, information society or medical technology.

The master's degree qualifies you for a PhD, thus, if you want to dig deeper into research, go for it! We encourage excellent students of our master’s programme to continue and deepen their research by joining one of our research groups for their PhD studies.

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