PINK - Radar-based, modular electronic system with highest precision for industrial test and calibration tasks

Together with the project partners 2pi-Labs GmbH, iNOEX GmbH and Status Pro Maschinenmesstechnik GmbH, the Chair of Microwave Systems and the Chair of Integrated Systems are developing a modular precision radar system that should be used for very precise distance measurements and calibration tasks in industry. A broadband, high-frequency radar chip is used for this. Compared to other systems that work with lasers, the advantage of radar-based measurement is the ability to work under poor environmental conditions. The aim is to integrate radar technology into imaging pipe scanner systems in order to enable a 100% three-dimensional inspection of the pipes for blowholes, cracks or contamination.

Pro­ject­ duration: 2021 - 2023

More Information about the project:

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