Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) technology is a novel tomographic technique that provides real-time imaging of the distribution of magnetic nanoparticles in biological tissue with high sensitivity and spatial resolution.

A combination of this contrast agent-based technique with that of a diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound system offers the possibility to use anatomical and functional information simultaneously and to explore exciting interactions.

Since strong, alternating magnetic fields are required for MPI imaging, a combination with a conventional ultrasound system is not readily possible. Induced eddy currents would lead to heating and thus to the direct destruction of conventional transducer components.


The focus of research at our chair in this area is on the development of MPI-compatible ultrasound transducers for diagnostic and therapeutic use. Novel transducer components and geometries are used to ensure compatibility and to minimize mutual interference.


Contacts: Tim Kranemann, Thomas Ersepke and Georg Schmitz


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