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The 6GEM consortium combines scientific excellence and mobile communications expertise at network, material, component/microchip and module level in North Rhine-Westphalia. A holistic approach is being pursued, from production and logistics to people with their needs for self-determination, privacy and security in times of climate change.


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The DiEfoRa project focuses on the development of a new type of thickness measurement system for feedstocks that is suitable for industrial use. For the first time, this is to be based on focusing radar technology.


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The goal of the MARIE project is to develop a compact and thus mobile material detector with integrated sub-millimeter wave electronics that is capable of detecting "on the fly" the material properties of a wide variety of objects.


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Collaboration of renowned research institutes in the terahertz frequency range.


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VERANO deals with the optimization of data processing in digital radar networks for fully automated driving.


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The Chair for Integrated Systems is developing radar sensors in ADACORSA to detect the environment of drones in flight.


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The goal is to solve the central problem of sensor dependence of AI evaluation units in radar technology.


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The PINK project aims to research the introduction of innovative radar sensor technology in industrial applications.


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The REWAL project aims to develop platform solutions for trustworthy, heterogeneous systems. For this purpose, wafer-level packaging with chiplets is chosen as the technological basis with the aim of further development for the integration of high-frequency chiplets together with complex signal processing in one package.


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The central objective of URBANSens is an environmentally efficient flight route calculation of autonomous, networked flight systems with innovative sensor technology for wind field measurement


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VITASecure is engaged in the development of a multi-sensor solution for non-contact vital sign monitoring in nursing homes.


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