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Staff of our chair honored at International Microwave Symposium

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At International Microwave Symposium in Denver, Tobias T. Braun received an award for summarizing the results of his work in a vivid three minutes.

The International Microwave Symposium held annually in the USA is one of the most renowned conferences in high-frequency technology. In June 2022, the latest advances in topics such as 5G/6G communication, quantum systems and radar technology were presented by industry and science. A member of our faculty was honored at the sixth edition of the Three Minute Thesis competition.

The Three Minute Thesis or 3MT is a competition of a different kind. In addition to the technical performance, the ability to present complex, scientific findings in a clear and concise manner is required and encouraged. For this purpose, the presenters have only three minutes at their disposal, not 20 as in a technical lecture at the conference. Anyone who overdoes it is out.  It is also not possible to quickly flip through PowerPoint slides to accommodate all the content. There is no more than one static slide. This should also not contain complicated diagrams, because the target group of the presentation, as well as the jury is not a specialist. Since 2017, this competition has been held at the International Microwave Symposium. In the 2022 edition, our colleague Tobias T. Braun was selected as one of 19 for the finals after reviewing the scientific paper and over 70 submissions of 30-second videos.

Tobias T. Braun during his presentation at International Microwave Symposium


There, he presented his publication "A Harmonic Automotive Radar for Bicycle Detection with RFID Tags at 79/158 GHz", which he had prepared with co-authors Jan Schöpfel, Christian Schweer and Nils Pohl at our chair, under the more catchy title "Making Cyclists Visible for Smart Cars". In a close competition, he unfortunately did not make it into the top three, but in the opinion of the jury he should not go away empty-handed either and was therefore awarded "Honorable Mentions" during the closing ceremony. We would like to congratulate him on this!


Interested professionals or simply the public can view his presentation here to learn why and how he wants to make roads safer for bikes:


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