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Large group in Milan

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At EuMW 2022 in Milan, our chair was present this year with a large group and many exciting presentations.

EuMW is THE conference in Europe for topics such as radar, 5G, 6G and much more. After pandemic-related online constraints and postponements, the 2022 event was able to take place for the first time on schedule in Milan in September. Fortunately, the number of participants and visitors was able to match the pre-pandemic level and even exceed it in some cases.

Our chair was also represented at this event with a total of 14 employees. Prof. Nils Pohl, David Starke, Jan Schöpfel, Tobias Braun, Niklas Muckermann, Alexander Orth (not pictured) and Patrick Kwiatkowski each arrived with a USB stick full of slides and all gave very appealing presentations.

David Starke received a special award. For his paper titled "A Fully Integrated 0.48THz FMCW Radar Transceiver MMIC in a SiGe-Technology", prepared with co-authors Jonathan Wittemeier, Florian Vogelsang, Benedikt Sievert, Daniel Erni, Andreas Rennings, Holger Rücker and Nils Pohl he was awarded as a finalist of the EuMIC 2022 Young Engineer Prize. We congratulate him warmly on this!

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